How to Unclog A Toilet Like A Plumber?

Noticed that your toilet won’t flush properly? You may need to unclog it. Clogged toilets can be a serious issue and when not taken care of, can have severe repercussions. Thankfully, some great plumbers know how to safely and efficiently fix the problem or also handle any other issues associated with drain cleaning in Villa Rica, GA.

In this blog post, we’ll look at how you can unclog a toilet like a pro – no matter if you’re dealing with hair-based blockage or simple solid objects getting stuck. So, let’s dive into it: read on for more essential information about how to unclog a toilet and keep it running smoothly:

1. Start by assessing the toilet clog. Before you begin to unclog your toilet, it’s important to get a good understanding of the situation. Check for signs of overflow and use a plunger or auger to try and dislodge any blockages. If these tools don’t seem to be helping, it could be an indication that the clog is lodged deeper in the pipes and will require more complex techniques for removal.

2. Use hot water and soap if possible. In many cases, warm water mixed with a cup of dish soap can help break up debris blocking your drainpipe. Simply pour this mixture directly into the bowl and wait 10 minutes before flushing again – hopefully, this will do the trick! If not, then it’s time to move on to the next step.

3. Use a drain snake or auger. If the hot water and soap method doesn’t work, you can try using a drain snake or auger. Start by inserting the end of the device into your toilet bowl and slowly feeding it into your pipes until you encounter any blockages. Gently turn the handle clockwise as you pull back on it to dislodge whatever is causing the clog before pulling it out and flushing again to test if it worked!

4. Call a professional plumber if necessary. If none of these methods seem to be working, then it might be time to call in a professional for a clogged toilet fix in Villa Rica, GA. A plumbing expert will be able to use specialized tools and techniques to quickly identify the source of the problem, remove any blockages, and get your toilet running like new again!

We hope that this guide has helped understand how to unclog a toilet like a plumber. If you ever need help with drain cleaning or hot tub installation in Villa Rica, GA, just remember – you can always call on the professionals at Plumb Ready Plumbing for assistance.

We’re here to make sure that your plumbing system is running smoothly so don’t hesitate to reach out at (470) 243-1234!


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